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K.D. is the older of the two, she was born around august 2006.  She's the first dog that's been really "mine".  She is an Australian Cattle dog (AKA Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler).  She's very strong willed ( I almost said stubborn), and likes to do things her own way, but that's what it takes for a 30 pound dog to go toe to toe with a 2 ton steer and win.  She is extemely curious, earning her the nick-name "snoopy", and wants to know what's going on. everywhere. all the time.  She is also very energetic, she out runs dogs that should be faster than her, and still keeps that cattle dog ability to turn on a dime.  She loves frisbee, tug-o-war, and soccer, but will chase a tennis ball if she's got nothing better to do
Like many cattle dogs, she's deaf, which was a big adjustment at first, but for the most part you'd never know.

More about Australian Cattle Dogs

Cattle Dogs are definitely NOT Golden Retrievers, and they're not the dog for everyone, please read up on the breed before you decide to purchase/adopt one.  Educated owners save lives.

More about deaf dogs

There's a lot of things I've heard about deaf dogs: that they don't bark, that it's better to put them down when they're born, etc.  Here's some stuff to help dispell the myths:
  • ddeaf: this is a site devoted to deaf dog education there's a lot of good information
  • Deaf Dogs Yahoo Group: "the deafdogs mailing list is for people with dogs that are deaf
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